Ballistic Volleyball started in 2014 under the help of a few local coaches with just a few simple goals in mind.


1) To be able to offer a better option in Lansing and nearby towns for off-season athletes to compete and learn.

  • More cost effective
  • Better Coaching both effectively and having positive reputations within the community
  • More time efficient
  • Adjustable options


Each player has different goals and potentials. With our services we can appease nearly every players goals whether it be competing for the next position in the school, being recruited to play collegiately, or simply improving and having an enjoyable experience.


Some notable achievements of Ballistic have been:

  1. Helping over a dozen players to earn offers to play in college.
  2. Teams have competed at high levels in their events against other high level teams.
  3. Forming up to 15 teams in a season; ages of players ranging from 6 to 18.


We have a staff of amazing coaches ready to get your kids to the next level. All of our head coaches currently are or have been coaches at high school level or higher. Many have played volleyball collegiately, and nearly all have volleyball coaching experience of at least two years(some have over 10 years!)




If you ever have questions about Ballistic or our services, please contact us!

Director of Operations Ryan Miller