When do we know if we made a team? Within 48 hours of the tryout you will receive an email stating whether or not your player has made a team. If you do not receive an email, please notify us. Emails will be brief, and instruct you to reply with a simple commitment statement. Then once the team has completely been formed (sometimes takes a few days) then you'll receive official team info via email again.


How do you evaluate players? There is a lot of criteria we base our evaluations on. The older the player, the more is expected of their abilities. Younger players are more based on potential and willingness to learn. The most important factors are: Do they help create a positive environment for themselves and other players? What skill level would they fit in/be comfortable at? What physical attributes/advantages do they have? Positionally, does she fit a teams needs? Does she play with tenacity? Do they have the expected knowledge of the game for their age?


Why does (Ballistic) cut players? Ballistic is a club based on competitive sports. Many of our returning players have exceptional skill and experience and are looking to continue to be pushed to the next level. Although we would like to give everyone the opportunity to play, we simply do not usually have the resources to make that happen and at the same time cater to competitiveness. Therefore, it is necessary to sometimes cut.


What are the season details? Please refer to the Handbook.

If you don't see your answers there, please email us.(info@ballisticvolleyball.com)


Why did my child try out with kids in different grades? If your player noticed other players of different ages around during tryouts, she should not be alarmed. We evaluate each player individually and our coaches have a sharp eye. Players will be placed with teams of similar skill and not necessarily based on age or grade. Our intention is to give every player the best possible experience to benefit them.


What if my athlete wants to play on a National or 6-month Regional team? Please be sure to mark it on your tryout sheet that you are interested. However this will not assure your player a spot it will allow us to entertain the possibility. This year during tryouts on top of our normal evaluations we will be looking for players to fill national and regional teams (which are 6 month commitments).


Payments/Transportation? Payments and transportation policies are in the handbook. To summarize, transportation is not provided, and payments are normally divided into two payments. The first payment is due at the beginning and the second payment in the middle. In some cases we can work with parents if they need an adjusted payment plan, as long as these are communicated in advance.


Does my athlete need to buy anything else? No, as long as they have athletic shoes and apparel to practice in and are properly nourished, they are all set. Uniforms are provided as described in the handbook. We provide all the equipment needed as well. Supervision during practice and during games is provided by our staff.


Missing Practice Policy/Dropping from team policy? Ballistic is changing its procedures on missed practices and drop outs due to it becoming recently more frequent. Please read the handbook fully if you have not yet done so.


What is the Difference between a local and a regional/national team?

National/Reginonal 6-month players must:

  1. Players must be able to commit to 3 days-a-week practices (with some exceptions) and be available on most weekends.
  2. Players must have exceptional club volleyball experience.
  3. Families must expect most tournaments to be 2-day tournaments including some out-of-state travel (particularly for national), meaning usually a one day minimum stay in a nearby hotel would be necessary.


Other notes: 6 month teams provide extra-inclusive services to families who want to experience the next step of competitive volleyball. This includes our Volt workout program which gives our players great professionally-designed sport specific strength training in the palm of their hands that they can do at our practice facilities or optionally from any location that has the needed equipment.


Families can and should communicate about carpooling and hotel stays as a group. Normally, a voluntary team parent will help facilitate hotel reservations and such for the entire team. Another parent could be in charge of organizing meals and divvy up preparations for that. Good team parent communication and family assistance is crucial to having a successful 6-month experience.