Physical Training Program by Professional Trainers Trusted by the Biggest Names in Sports

Volt Features

  • Workouts can be designed for sport-specific needs and is tailored to the abilities of the individual. Workouts can also be edited and monitored by coaches.
  • Does your player have multiple sports? Multiple seasons? Take vacations off? All of these things can be modified to fit your athletes needs.
  • If your athlete is truly serious about getting the full benefit of Volt, they will be given a full year workout routine that adjusts constantly. It will ensure the player is in build-up in the off season so that they are at full peak performance in the crucial moments (like while in season), and  at the same time help prevent injuries or burn-out from doing too much.
  • Players can be given different workouts for different sports if they are multi-sport athletes.
  • Volt is very cost effective for what is achieved. It's like having a personal trainer without paying the huge fees included with that and hassle of scheduling appointments.

Volt is a workout platform that can be accessed on any Internet-capable device. It is software that automatically creates customized workouts based on the individual. Individuals can do their workouts any time as long as they have access to the necessary equipment.


Services Include:

  • Available per participant 2 days a week, 30 mins/day


  • Access to Training Application from Volt


Free to club team members for each participating season (ages 14 and up only), $20 a month after that to continue year-round.