Mini Games Leagues


We are happy to be able to provide game-like experiences and fundamental training every season of the year!

For boys and girls! Members or non-members!

Cost: $55   Location: Lansing City Arena

Time: Friday nights 7-8:30pm

January 3-February 7th (6 weeks)


Other key things to know:

The first 45mins is instructional practice. Players will be taught step by step how to do basic volleyball skills, focusing on the most important skills such as serving, passing etc and the rules.

The last 45 mins they will play games continually with occasional water breaks. It is Mini-Game Style play.


Mini-Games Summary

Teams are randomly selected. Each team will play 7 min rounds and the scores will be tallied for each round. After 2 or 3 rounds players will be reorganized into new groups based on score. Teams will be randomized again from the new groups, and the next couple rounds will be played.


What is great about Mini-Games?

Teams are small (2 to 4 players) and the court is also smaller. Due to this, rallies are longer, and players will have a maximum amount of touches on the ball. Lots of action and fast paced. Individual scores allow players to move up or down groups to ensure they are playing with others similar to their current skill level.


Players will only need athletic attire, and a water bottle. All other required equipment is provided. They do not need teammates as they are provided randomly each game. They will not need to attend every week if there is a scheduling conflict. We do request written communication regarding attendance like an email or text message if a player will be gone.


Ballistic Club Director: Ryan Miller

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