LCA Adult League House Rules


In addition to USAV rules:


1) Rosters must be signed and completed by all participants to a minimum of 6 on the first week of play and can be amended up to the 6th week. Any player who joins play that is not already a part of the league must sign the roster and be added. A player may only be added to a roster for ONE team per league. Only players on roster are allowed to play on the team with the exceptions of substitutions (see below).


2) Substitutions- Any player may participate in any league as long as they are on a roster IN that league. If they are not, they must be added. If they are in the league and only substituting temporarily, they do not need to be added to the roster. Teams must consist of at least 3 players from their roster, or a forfeit will be given.


3) Playing with less Players- Teams are allowed to play with 5 players BUT they will be required to us a "ghost". Ghost rotational position must be announced prior to the game. When "ghost" rotates into position 1 (serving), side out will go to the opposing team. Any less than 5 players to start a match will result in forfeits. (see time below)


4) Coed- Teams must be aligned in a guy-girl order of serving. Each team must play with a minimum of 3 women, but are not limited to more. Any one player may come up from the back row to block, but only if there is just one male in the front row during that rotation. A female must touch the ball if sent over the net on two or more touches.


4.5)Rec- Rec level teams can have a maximum of 3 players on the court who also participate on a competitive team.


5) Time- Games will start on time. If a team does not have the proper amount of players required to start, they will forfeit the first game. If they do not in the first 20 minutes get enough players, they will forfeit ALL 3 games.

If a game is being postponed due to another game taking too long, after 5 minutes of postponement, the new game will take place on the middle court until the original court is available. If particular teams are regularly late or games are consistently running long, the team captain will be communicated with by a league mediator on how to prevent this. If the problem persists, they will be removed from the court when their allotted time is up and remaining game(s) on the day will be forfeited.


Each match will be 3 sets to 25, win by 2. Sets

will have a cap at 30 (with exception of playoffs).


Teams are given one 30 second time-out per set assuming games are proceeding on schedule.


6) Safety and Regulations- Due to safety and regulations mandated by the state, anyone who enters and exits the building must be wearing a mask. We advise participants to wear masks, and per mandate they should be wearing masks in the facility, especially when social distancing is not possible. However, we will not be able to manage every person at all times. Please BE RESPONSIBLE AND DO NOT PUT OTHERS OR THE LEAGUE AT RISK. Captains of each team will be responsible for their own teams conduct. We wish to continue having the privilege of playing volleyball. We need everyone's compliance and consideration to make that happen. Water fountains will not be available, so please supply your own beverages. Alcoholic beverages are forbidden. There may be individual beverages available for purchase at the facility.

As per common sense if any participants are experiencing any of the following, please DO NOT ENTER the building:

• Fever of 100 F (37.8 C) or above, or possible fever symptoms like alternating chills and sweating

• Cough

• Trouble breathing, shortness of breath or severe wheezing

• Loss of smell or taste, or a change in taste

• Chills or repeated shaking with chills


7) Removal- Lansing City Arena, Ballistic Volleyball, or any appointed league moderators have the explicit right to remove any individuals or teams from the premises for any reason. Examples could be: disrespectful behavior, threats, fighting, unsafe behaviors, intentional or unintentional breaking of rules, etc.


8) Playoffs- The last week of each season will consist of a tournament that will be seeded according to the regular season rank based on wins/losses and then in case of a tie, point difference. The winner of the tournament will decide the season league champions. Tournament will be a single elimination, best 2 out of 3 games per match. First two games will be to 25 points win-by-two, no point cap. If a third game is needed it will be to 15 points win-by-two, no cap.