In an unprecedented time where the pandemic has swept the nation and turned our world upside down, it has presented us with unique and unanticipated obstacles. We have had to scramble, and largely has been out of our control. Worse yet, we have not known when or how this will be controlled to the point where we could resume any events on any scale. Like many people, we are taking it all one day at a time. But we are confident that, with our members support, our club will stay intact and be able to continue our programs as soon as it becomes sensible again. We are in support of the stay at home order to help contain the spread of this disease. As you may know, the order has been recently upgraded to extend to late April.


This means the remainder of Spring season will not be able to be salvaged, as there are way too many variables working against that possibility. We are holding hope that sometime this Summer we will begin training sessions again-- in small groups, then slowly ramp up the amount of trainings as the spread of COVID-19 is more contained throughout the nation. We want to get back to work as quickly as possible, and we have many players who do too. We also wish to-- when the time is right, continue adding activities and events to our yearly calendars. Please keep an eye on our Facebook pages ('Lansing Ballistic'), and web page ( for “pop-up” events, some hopefully to occur this Summer/Fall.


Although we are sad to not be able to continue working with our players this Spring and will miss out on some great moments together, we are committed to making up for lost time and committed to keeping people safe. We are eager to get back to the dedication of helping our youth to learn and fully realize their potentials. We thank our members for their continued support. Stay safe, stay strong!


If you should have any questions, please either direct them to the team coach or to Director Ryan Miller and we will gladly assist you.



Ryan Miller

Ballistic Club Director