Recent Updates 7/16/2020



This Summer we are beginning training sessions again-- in small groups, then slowly ramp up the amount of trainings. We have many players and staff who are ready to get back to work. We plan to do so responsibly and reasonably. Please keep an eye on our Facebook pages ('Lansing Ballistic'), and web page ( We will be shifting our activities to outdoors until the governors executive orders against gyms is lifted.


We are taking the steps to ensure that we reopen in a responsible manner. If you were wondering what kinds of things to expect to see in regard to safety, here are a few examples:

1) a daily questionnaire that asks that all participants have not shown or felt any symptoms related.

2) limiting trainings and leagues to 8 players maximum per court. When possible, we will be breaking those groups even smaller on separate courts.

3) cohorting will be utilized to further limit the amount of exposure and allow for more efficient contact tracing.

4) physical distancing will be in effect whenever possible. Spectating will be strongly limited, and from a significant distance from others.

5) we have been working with our facility staff to ensure significant sanitation procedures and fresh air flow is in place.

We hope the new procedures will help boost the confidence of you and your athletes in the viability of our services and events. If you should ever have any questions or comments please don’t hesitate to email, or call.



We thank our members for their continued support!



Ryan Miller

Ballistic Club Director